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At the crossroad of digital business transformation and telework, security and identity management for distributed workers is critical for organizations evolving through global challenges. Learn how AMVIN can add a powerful hardware layer to protect your network as it transforms from an office-based to cloud-based security model.

Secure Telework

The Amvin secure telework adapter connects seamlessly to any PC allowing secure telework with zero software installation.

Key Features


Secure Connection

Automatic secure connection to a corporate network for any Windows, MacOS X or Linux device from any WiFi or Ethernet Internet connection


Physical Token

Physical token and user HSM which is matched to user device to provide an extra layer of identification and security


No Software to Install

No client software to install. Simple user registration by physical distribution and QR code based activation


Forward Secrecy

Perfect Forward Secrecy and threat model that includes physical compromise of the hardware devices


Zero Trust Networking

Zero trust networking model separating client PC, secure trusted compute engine, and WAN access with hardware-based security zones


Security Management and Compliance Reporting

User registration, adapter management, and connection logging features enable IT policy control and reporting

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